4 Tools of a Good Content Marketing Strategy

To be successful in work you need a well-stocked toolbox: the essentials of your trade that will help you tweak, fix, strengthen and grow your business. Whatever your trade, there are certain tools you need to succeed in reaching your goals. Artists need a canvas, paint and brushes. Chefs need a kitchen, utensils and fresh […]

Getting On Board with Tasty: The Mini Recipe Video Trend

Meet Tasty, Buzzfeed’s featured network for “snack-sized food videos.” The social media sensation of quick-hitting recipe videos launched in 2015 and has grown an audience of epic proportions. The Tasty Facebook page quickly gained popularity and currently boasts nearly 78 million fans. Buzzfeed recognized the need for visual content that appeals to a culture with short attention […]

5 Tips from Coffee Content Video Expert Nathan Slabaugh

Ready. Set. ACTION! Video is the up-and-coming content trend taking brands by storm. As companies work hard to get their services and products in front of potential customers, it all comes down to this: what makes people want to interact? Survey says: video content. In a recent study, video outperformed other types of content as […]

Weekly Pick: A Tea Brand Offering Something for Everyone

Trail mix is one of the most perfect snacks, often involving some combination of nuts, dried fruit, grains, seeds and, of course, sweets. One may contain a nice mix of almonds, dried apricots, granola, pumpkin seeds and dark cocoa nibs. Another may be made with peanuts, raisins, popcorn, chocolate-covered sunflower seeds and mini marshmallows. However […]

Why Professional Photography Is Crucial for Your Coffee Business

“Say cheese!” Pictures are no longer just the memorabilia of family portraits. We live in a visual world, much of which exists online. As the internet is now an established marketplace, water cooler and entertainment space, so much of our lives happen online. Even if your store is a simple brick-and-mortar operation, your coffee business […]

Weekly Pick: A Coffee Company Breaking the Content Mold

To read or not to read, that is the question. It’s the question everyone subconsciously asks themselves when they come across a piece of new content. Whether it’s an article that scrolls past on your Facebook newsfeed or one that appears during a specific web search, you have the choice: click and read or keep […]

Is Your Coffee or Tea Business Effectively Using Newsletters?

Part of being a business owner is constantly assessing how you can connect to your customers. If you own a brick-and-mortar shop, you have the advantage of facetime. But even with personal exchanges, it’s your job to turn a regular customer into a loyal fan. You want them buying your tea and talking about your […]

4 Ways Video Can Tell Your Coffee or Tea Story

Your tea brand has a website, and your coffee shop is well-integrated on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Perhaps you’ve even journeyed into the realm of blogging for your coffee or tea brand, putting quality content into the hands of your loyal fans. You’re doing all the right things to engage, to promote, to connect. Now […]