Get to know Dish Works…

We create culinary content – recipes, video, photography and writing – for your business, your brand or your clients’ content needs. We work with agencies, brand managers, marketers, chefs, restaurants and businesses, big and small, and we’d love the opportunity to work with you!

Our Values are Reflected in Everything We Do

Integrity. Trust. Transparency. Humor. Creativity. Communication. Diversity. Each of these values is reflected in the content creation services we offer, and in the relationships we’ve built with our clients.


Together, our team is dedicated to creating content that’s aligned with our clients’ (your) values, and with our values, too.


We believe trust is the key ingredient of a fast-moving team that works together effectively for positive results.


With Dish Works, there are no surprises: We share knowledge freely and collaborate to make decisions together.


Laughter and hard work go hand-in-hand in our kitchen studio and daily interactions.


We investigate, imagine, experiment and then mix it all up to make new things – you definitely want to tap into our creativity!


Let’s talk! We believe effective communication is built on good listening plus proactive sharing – and caring for our clients’ is at the center of our communication process.


We believe the kitchen is a place where everyone belongs. We're committed to valuing and including diverse people by using hand models with a range of skin hues, reflecting various gender identities, and representing different abilities. We want to help brands create content that encourages the change our society is striving for.

We are proud of our work, and we’re ready to provide you with the content you need.

Amish country farm barn field agriculture in Lancaster PA US

Dish Works is Pennsylvania, USA Proud!

We work with clients from all across the country, but our kitchen studio is located in the heart of beautiful, bountiful Pennsylvania farmland. Our location gives us immediate and easy access to the freshest produce and products – and we can’t think of any place better to be!

We Care About Sustainability
and Our Community

We believe that everyone together – including individuals and businesses like ours – has a critical responsibility to make choices that positively impact the environment. It’s never been more important than it is right now to care for the Earth that sustains us all, and to also care for the people in our local communities.


Using Upcycled Props

At Dish Works, we use upcycled props – we source most of our props from thrift stores and upcycle and recycle whenever possible. Many of the backdrops you see in our content we make ourselves, or we use salvaged surfaces. (One woman’s trash is another woman’s beautiful wood backdrop!)

Minimizing Waste and
Helping Our Community

We style food using techniques that look beautiful, and in ways that allow our food to be eaten. Leftover meals and food not used in production are shared with team members and neighbors, or they’re donated to a local shelter to feed the hungry in our community.


Supporting Local
Farmers and Agriculture

We appreciate the hard work of our local farmers and producers and partner with them to hand-select the best products and ingredients.

We Think You’ll Love Working With Us, Too!

At Dish Works, our team members have been creating original food and drink content for over a decade. We pride ourselves in creating beautiful and strategic content assets for our clients.

“Dish Works stepped up to the plate big time by delivering recipes, videos, and blog posts in bulk on a tight timeline…”

“What we really love about working with Dish Works is that they match their great content with superb insight and enthusiasm…”

“Being able to rely on Dish Works for consistently top-notch content creation has become critical to the success of my clients and, ultimately, the growth of my business.”

We'd Love to Work With You!

Located in Lancaster County, the heart of Pennsylvania farmland, and serving clients nationwide.