There are so many moving parts in the creation of a cookbook. Dish Works is your one-stop-shop for cookbook creation, from professional recipe testing, to photography, to behind-the-scenes videos and other social media marketing assets.

Our team of culinary experts, food stylists and art directors is ready to help with every step of your cookbook’s production.

Make your cookbook stand out with recipe testing, incredible food photography, and marketing materials.

Whether you need just a handful of images or an entire suite of cookbook photos, our food content studio can capture your aesthetic and style.

Cookbook Content Packages

Dish Works takes all the guesswork out of cookbook creation! Here's how we do it:

  • Work side-by-side with the author and publisher.
  • Adhere to your schedule and deadlines.
  • Complete recipe testing, handled by professionally-trained chefs who always keep the experience of home cooks in mind.
  • Provide precise and detailed recipe feedback, updates and adjustments (if necessary).
  • Provide access to our entire prop studio, including backgrounds, surfaces, and appliances.
  • Hire professional hand models, or welcome you (the author) into the studio to hand model.
  • Style food and props to match your desired look and feel.
  • Light, stage and shoot your cookbook photos to your exact specifications.
  • Deliver b-roll, behind-the-scenes footage, vertical videos and any other visual assets your PR team may want for social media marketing and promotions.
  • Deliver owned content and assets that you maintain all rights and access to.

Ready to showcase your recipes with picture-perfect cookbook photography?

Reach out to start the conversation about Dish Works’ Cookbook Content Packages!