Meet the Dish Works Team

Recipe developing, art directing, cooking, baking, writing, photography, we do it all! Here are the talented folks on our team that help to make beautiful culinary content for our clients.

Mary Bigham

Co-Founder / President

Jason Tremblay

Co-Founder / Director of Technology

Richard Ashenfelder

Creative + Admin Teams

Jay Edwards

Video Team

Jamie Hoffman

Creative Team

Shannon Keller

Admin Team

Emily Kovach

Editor in Chief / Content Team

Kathy Magrino

Content Team

Nina Malone

Admin + Content Teams

Anna Miron

Culinary + Creative Teams

Jenny Pakradooni

Culinary + Creative Teams

Pamela Pakradooni

Culinary Team

Madeline Rice Brommer

Creative Team

Anita Smith

Content Team

Olivia Willard

Video Team