Dish Works In the News

Nutrition Business Journal : TikTok Isn’t Going Anywhere


In the October 2021 “Branding & Marketing” issue of Nutrition Business Journal, Mary Bigham discusses how food brands are using TikTok to connect with new audiences.

Whisk : Creating Actionable Food Content that Inspires, Engages and Converts (Webinar)


Expert culinary content creator Mary Bigham, founder and CEO of Dish Works Studio, Nick Holzherr, Head of Whisk and Jacklyn Trejo, Product Manager at Whisk, covered the top guidelines on how food brands and grocers can create smart, omnichannel food content to build the strong digital consumer relationships that drive purchases and keep customers coming back for more.

CBS 21 News : Women at Work | Dish Works Makes Necessary Adjustment Working From Home


Behind the scenes, the operation is running a little differently for the team at Dish Works during the pandemic.

Food Marketing Now : How to Get the Most Out of Food Content Production


Culinary content creation is in high demand for food and beverage brands, but how do you get the most out of food content production?

BBC News : The Secrets of ‘Food Porn’ Viral Videos


“Firms that make the ingredients we cook with are keen to cash in on the eye-popping food craze. One marketing agency that works with brands to make social media videos in this style is Dish Works, based in Pennsylvania.”

CBS 21 News : Women at Work | Dish Works Studio


She started as a food blogger. Today Mary Bigham is the publisher and president of a culinary content agency serving some of the largest food brands in the world.