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Produce your recipe videos with the experienced
creative team at Dish Works.

Recipe videos are all the rage. If you haven't seen a fun, fast-forwarding recipe video in your social media feed, you've been on another planet.

As a business owner or marketer of a food and drink brand, you need to make your brand or product stand out. Recipe videos, culinary videos and kitchen how-to videos are the answer. They're compelling, engaging and viral, but they are hard to create.

It takes serious effort, time and skill to produce ongoing, high-quality video that speaks to your audience.

Dish Works can jump-start the process and make sure you always have fresh, beautiful, engaging culinary videos to share.

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Photos of the Dish Works production team creating recipe videos. Cameras, lighting, styling, editing and production action shots from the kitchen studio.

Recipe Video Packages

We offer a variety of food and drink video packages, but our most popular are...

Multi-Angle Style Videos

Multi-angle videos use a smoothly moving camera, creating motion and drama to highlight the beautiful details of your recipe.

  • Primary detail shots
  • Overhead camera shots
  • Slow motion available
  • Approximately 30 seconds

Tabletop Style Videos

Tabletop videos are fast-paced overhead videos. With quick cuts and sped-up motion, this style is perfect for the short attention span of a social media audience.

  • High-resolution overhead camera shots
  • Close-up detail camera shots
  • Fast forward, slow motion and stop motion available
  • Approximately 30 seconds

Fall and winter studio times are booking fast!

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What kind of culinary story do you want to tell?

Food and Drink
Recipe Videos

Walk people through the process of making something. Show the ingredients, measurements and methods.

Culinary and Kitchen
How-To Videos

Demonstrate a skill, process or kitchen hack. Show something fun and interesting!

The videos they produce rival anything you’ll see online, including Tasty and other major food publications. I’m hesitating even providing a video testimonial because I want to keep it our secret!

MullenLowe Profero
Patrick Burke, Global Associate Director, Content Marketing

It was such a pleasure working with the team at Dish. They were organized, accommodating, and helped bring our vision to life with engaging, beautiful videos that told our stories perfectly. We can’t wait to work with them again!

Whole Foods Market
Amy Saxton, Social Media Marketing Manager

The recipes and food photography are gorgeous and creative. And they’re not just creating aesthetic, shareable images for the internet—their experts personally develop the recipes. We’ve tried them ourselves and they’re delicious.

MullenLowe Profero
Patrick Burke, Global Associate Director, Content Marketing

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