Recipe Videos

Recipe videos, hands and pans videos, cocktail videos, how-to videos and more.

Our experienced culinary video team captures the process of preparing a recipe or demonstrating a culinary technique in our beautiful, naturally lit kitchen studio. All recipe video tiers include props and ingredients, hands preparing food, and professional styling, editing and production.

Simple Recipe Videos

Length: 30-60 seconds

Simple hands-and-pans videos to demonstrate the recipe process quickly. 90% of the video offers one camera angle to demonstrate the recipe process quickly and simply. 10% of the video will be from an alternate angle. Minimal propping and styling and no specialty shots.

Horizontal Format

Vertical Format

Standard Recipe Videos

Length: 30-90 seconds

Includes multiple camera angles, elevated styling / more going on in scene, makes featured products easier to see, optional specialty shots (slow motion, macro).

Horizontal Format

Vertical Format

Compilation Videos Package

Package includes 8 individual videos:

  • Two long-form videos, each with three concepts around a theme. Concepts are defined as recipes or applications or ingredients (for example 3 ways to use zucchini).
  • Six short-form videos depicting each individual concept.

Recipe Video Shorts

Recipe shorts show partial actions, focusing on side detail and beauty shots to briefly tell a story.


Video Stills

With every video, our team selects and delivers several still frames that can be used as poster images or for social sharing. Video stills are images pulled from the edited video footage. The resolution of video stills matches the resolution of the edited video.

Example Source video

Example Stills

Featured Add-On

Extra Video Cuts

Delivered videos re-cut to shorter lengths, or reformatted to different dimensions for social media channels including TikTok recipe video, Instagram stories and reels, Pinterest and Amazon.


Additional File Formats

Per-video, for formats beyond the first file format included with video services.


Live Setup Approval

Review and approve setups only before video is captured, so you’ll have confidence that our content is meeting the needs of your brand.

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