User-Generated Food Content / UGC Food Content

User-generated recipe videos are a hit on social media: Consumers respond well to the “real-life” feel of this content, and the algorithm rewards that with expanded reach. Food brands know they need to add user-generated content (UGC) to their marketing strategy, but that often comes with the stress and headache (and expense) of coordinating and working with various influencers and individual creators. We’ve heard that feedback, and we are thrilled to launch our in-house User-Generated Food Content service.

Dish Works UGC culinary videos offer your content marketing team affordable assets that allow your brand to effortlessly build a loyal following by showcasing your products via an authentic aesthetic that feels genuine and spontaneous.

Our UGC recipe videos are produced by our in-house fleet of culinary-obsessed content creators. No matter what style you’re after, there is a talented content creator on staff on the Dish Works team that’s ready to shoot fun, casual, creative videos for social media, featuring your brand. Plus, keeping it all at Dish Works helps maintain a smooth flow of communication, maximize efficiency, and gives instant access to all of our other services.

More info about Dish Works User-Generated Culinary Content:

  • Unpolished (but still beautiful), realistic vertical video content shot entirely on iPhone.
  • Audio that consists of captured authentic cooking sounds or voice-over.
  • Content made by real people who love creating UGC-style content to inform, educate and entertain.
  • A more “hands-off” style, with no scripting, no on-screen text and limited edits.
  • Access to a variety of users in different home kitchen environments.