WHAT is content?

Content is what gets watched, read, shared, liked and pinned. Content can be much more than facts about your products and services—with great content, you can engage, inform and inspire your customers.

HOW does content marketing work?

If you regularly publish interesting, entertaining and informative content, people will relate that content to your company. When you freely provide content that customers value, they will appreciate you, trust your brand and be more likely to buy from you and refer others to you.

WHY do I need content marketing?

Today's consumers are immune to traditional promotions, but they are not immune to valuable information. They want information and are finding it through new platforms (primarily the Internet). If you become the source of information, you have a nonintrusive way to continue the conversation with your customers.

WHERE can content exist?

Content can live on any platform that the public can easily access, such as a blog, a newsletter, a magazine or a brochure.

WHEN should I produce content?

This varies with different platforms, but the most important thing is to stay consistent. In the case of a blog, experts recommend adding new content a minimum of four times per month.

EXAMPLE of content marketing:

If your specialty is farm-to-table cuisine, you would benefit from a message/blog such as, “How Eating Local Produce Can Boost Your Immune System.” You could use dishes from your menu as examples within the post. Because there are more people searching for “staying healthy” or “local food,” and not necessarily searching for your brand, this gives you a greater chance of organically attracting interested visitors and making them your customers.