• The client had two separate brands, Hauser Estate Winery and Jack’s Hard Cider, but both were represented by a shared website and shared social media channels making it hard for each brand to stand on its own.
  • The client also wanted to improve its conversion rate of visitors to the website into customers purchasing cider products.
  • The client was unsure how to market directly both to customers (to increase sales) and to the beverage industry (to sell more wholesale product).
  • The client was unable to create, manage and maintain a blog on its website.
  • The client lacked overall content strategy with social media.
  • No one on the client’s team had the time or resources to write blogs.
  • The client had no one to generate content or ideas for blogs, and the process for generating ideas was not streamlined or well-executed.


Website strategy

After an initial consultation, a blog page was added to the Jack’s Hard Cider website to house original, engaging content. With a custom-crafted editorial calendar focused on showcasing products, highlighting staff members and honing in on marketing goals, the Dish Works team of writers, photographers and editors has consistently created blogs each month.

Social media strategy

Dish Works also advised the client to provide interesting, visually appealing and diverse content on its social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to increase reach and engagement while also sending traffic back to the website to encourage lead generation. Dish Works was able to diversify the social media content to include links to the brand’s website, links to other quality sources that are applicable to the brand, high-quality photos and calls-to-action in the form of discussion questions.

How Dish Works Services Helped:

Dish Works has provided a polished, professional solution to this brand’s struggle with consistency in content marketing efforts by crafting, publishing and maintaining the brand’s blog and social media content to speak to target markets (consumers, cider enthusiasts, bars, restaurants and distributors).

The Jack’s Hard Cider team has come to appreciate the visual presentation and creative process that the Dish Works team has been able to consistently provide over the course of the relationship.



With its social media and content marketing strategies working congruently, Jack’s has seen a 210% increase in followers on Instagram, 6.6% increase in followers on Facebook and 227% increase in traffic referred from Facebook.

In the months since working with Dish Works, Jack’s website traffic has increased 132%, from 3,747 unique pageviews in November to 4,126 unique pageviews in December to 4,879 in January.

Looking longer term, sales are up 78% year-over-year from 2014 to 2015.


“What I liked the most about using Dish Works is their visual presentation and creativity. They do the thinking for me and I don't need to spend the time on it. I would recommend Dish Works to others because they generate creative, consistent content and are able to streamline and execute our marketing initiatives.”

—Jonathan Patrono, President, Jack’s Hard Cider