Great Social Media Tips from Brewers of PA

You’ve finally gotten on board with content marketing. You’ve created an editorial calendar and identified a team member to write content (or outsourced to a trusted culinary content agency!). There is delicious content sitting on your brand’s blog, ready to be digested by hungry consumers. Now, how do you get eyes on your great work? […]

Beer Brands with the Hoppiest Content on Instagram

Some brands are just nailing their Instagram game. And while many have a particular social media strategy that aides in their success, it all comes back to one thing: amazing pictures. Photos that pop out of a newsfeed catch the eyes of fans and open an opportunity for further engagement. Planning ahead and working with […]

4 Tools of a Good Content Marketing Strategy

To be successful in work you need a well-stocked toolbox: the essentials of your trade that will help you tweak, fix, strengthen and grow your business. Whatever your trade, there are certain tools you need to succeed in reaching your goals. Artists need a canvas, paint and brushes. Chefs need a kitchen, utensils and fresh […]

Getting On Board with Tasty: The Mini Recipe Video Trend

Meet Tasty, Buzzfeed’s featured network for “snack-sized food videos.” The social media sensation of quick-hitting recipe videos launched in 2015 and has grown an audience of epic proportions. The Tasty Facebook page quickly gained popularity and currently boasts nearly 78 million fans. Buzzfeed recognized the need for visual content that appeals to a culture with short attention […]

Why Breweries Should Be Using Video

Previously on our blog, we discussed the value of breweries using a blog as part of their content marketing strategy, and we continue to recommend the importance of professional photography — which is a must in this visually centric online age. But as the online marketing arena evolves, so must our strategies. Not only is written content and […]

Dish Works Pick: Brewers of PA

While many businesses are still working to identify their audience and create content that engages them, one organization has been doing a great job of both. Get to know the PA Brewed Blog. Brewers of PA is a nonprofit trade association that brings together leaders of Pennsylvania-based breweries in order to promote and protect the brewing industry in the […]

Why Professional Photography Is Crucial for Breweries

Every beer has a story. It starts with an inspired brewer and soon becomes the tale of hops, mash and fermentation that culminates into the piece de resistance: a delicious craft beer. Some beer stories have roots in history; other stories are sparked by local happenings or ingredients. But with the first sip of a […]

Dish Works to Present at Mid Atlantic Brewers Symposium (Sept. 30)

Brewers from around the Mid Atlantic region will be coming together at ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks in Bethlehem on September 30 for the 2nd Annual Mid Atlantic Brewers Symposium. Brought to you by Brewers of Pennsylvania (BOP) and sponsored by Concannon, Miller & Co. P.C. and HMK Insurance, the symposium will center around many areas of the […]

Dish Works Pick: Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

Hop selection. Fermentation. The perfect pour. Just a few of the things at which breweries excel. Skilled brewers make the creation of beer a personal experience, adding a bit of themselves to every batch and new recipe. It is the unique taste and personality that draw beer fans to their favorite breweries. A strong brewery […]

Breweries and Blogs: A Hoppy Combination

August is a big month for breweries and brewers. Summer is winding down, which signals the transition to a full calendar of seasonal beer releases and events (hello, pumpkin beer!). The Great American Beer Festival is just weeks away, so breweries are taste-testing their creme de la creme to send for judging. And shortly after GABF, the […]

Weekly Pick: Brewery Blog Doing Content Well

Craft beer is a wildly growing trend, with over 3700 breweries in America alone. People are no longer content with “just beer.” People want style, complexity, depth, character. They want to know what hops were used and where they came from. They want to know a brewery’s brewing process. People don’t just want beer; they want […]

Top 9 Reasons Your Brewery Should Have a Blog

It’s no secret that the craft beer world is (still) booming. CNBC recently published stats from a Brewers Association report claiming that the United States is home to a whopping 3,739 breweries as of June 30, 2015. That’s an increase of 699 breweries over the same time period a year ago, and an additional 1,755 […]

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