Weekly Pick: Real Estate Group That Gets the Value of High-Quality Content

In the online world, brands and businesses have their work cut out for them to be noticed. With so many messages flying to consumers, it is a struggle to stand out, so the content creators who are doing it right truly shine. We’ve shared some of the leaders who are bringing their A game to content creation: food, food businesses, winelifestyle brands and tourism sites.

One local real estate group has really caught our eye, and we’re here to give credit where credit is due.

Meet In Eagleview.


Eagleview Town Center is a live-work-play concept nestled in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Just off of Route 76, Eagleview offers housing options, work spaces, restaurants, stores and more. It’s truly an area where indivduals and families can enjoy every aspect of their life, all in one community.

To better serve those living in Eagleview, as well as the surrounding area, In Eagleview has a thriving blog. This website is filled with great content specifically catered to community members. From seasonal content about what is the most healthy Halloween candy to discussions on corporate wellness, In Eagleview really seeks to reach all areas of its audience. Every post is well written and accompanied by a quality picture.

The In Eagleview blog also offers a community calendar for those living in the area. The events in Eagleview Town Center are for the general public, and having a consistently updated site gives locals a go-to place to find out what’s happening. Visitors to the site also have the option to sign up for emails, giving In Eagleview yet another way to connect with their community.

Keep up the great work, In Eagleview! We’re loving it!

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Featured photo credit: Nina Lea Photography

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