Getting On Board with Tasty: The Mini Recipe Video Trend

Meet Tasty, Buzzfeed’s featured network for “snack-sized food videos.” The social media sensation of quick-hitting recipe videos launched in 2015 and has grown an audience of epic proportions. The Tasty Facebook page quickly gained popularity and currently boasts nearly 78 million fans. Buzzfeed recognized the need for visual content that appeals to a culture with short attention […]

Weekly Pick: A Farm with Knowledge and Community

It takes a lot of knowledge and skill to be a farmer. Farmers deal in the studies of agriculture, biology, meteorology and even sociology on a daily basis. They need to understand the land, the complexities of the crops they are planting, how to foster seeds into plants, the dynamics of soil, how to combat […]

How to Create a Farm-Centric Editorial Calendar

Writing content can be a rollercoaster ride of emotion. There is the frustration of waiting for inspiration and the joy of finding a muse for content. Writer’s block is a curse and deadlines can be a blessing. Businesses often don’t have the luxury of waiting out writer’s block or hoping inspiration will strike. With an […]

Weekly Pick: A Farm Blog with Character

Gone are the days of businesses being buttoned-up and gimmicky. No more jingles or one-liner catchphrases. No more overly staged stodgy photography. The consumers of today want real, want genuine, want raw. They want to see their businesses in the light of real life: their products, their employees, their process. And while it’s easy to […]

Why Your Farm Market Should Utilize Pro Recipe Creation Services

People Want Recipes As an evolved species, we not only consume food for nourishment; we long to savor it. It’s the very reason we save generations-old family cookbooks and scour the internet for new recipes. As consumers of food, we are constantly looking for inspiration on how to prepare it in new and exciting ways. […]

Weekly Pick: A Farm Market Blog That Keeps It Fresh

There are many words we can use to describe farm markets: Fresh. Local. Harvest. But at the heart of every market is a word that exists as the foundation for every other description: community. Farm markets not only feed their communities but are also communities within themselves. They are the community where the community comes […]

Community Building with a Farm-Worthy Newsletter

Each week, farm market vendors across the country head to their dedicated space and set up their market shop: produce, handmade soaps, baked goods, wine, cheese, farm fresh meat and handcrafted items. There is a rhythm of arriving, putting everything in its perfect spot, readying the till and the great anticipation of who will visit. […]

Weekly Pick: A Down-on-the-Farm Blog with a Personal Touch

Farms. They are where our food comes from—an underappreciated fact we often fail to remember when we sit down for dinner each night. For a long time, there has been a disconnect between where our food comes from and the food that sits on our plates each day. There have been recent movements to make […]

5 Reasons Your Farm Market Needs to Be Blogging

Eat local. The phrase adorns bumper stickers and rings in the air as the unspoken mantra of CSAs. Being close to the food we eat has become increasingly important. As consumers of food, we now care about where our food comes from and who grows it. There is a new awareness of lowering our collective […]

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