The Best of Both Worlds: Dish Works’ Influencer-Style Recipe Video Packages

The intimate aesthetic of influencer content can be extremely powerful as a piece of your content marketing puzzle. These videos, which trade in glossy high-production for a more personal, homemade feel, draw the viewer in with sensory moments that evoke emotions and spark inspiration. Especially on TikTok and Instagram Reels, this viral-worthy style of content can act as a direct line to your brand’s fans.

But working with influencers can have its drawbacks (for more on our thoughts about that, see here). Beyond the risks of trusting an influencer with your brand’s reputation, we believe that owned content should be the foundation of every brand’s content marketing strategy. Although your marketing budget may be pulled in different directions, it is crucial to invest in content that establishes your brand as the authority on your products and services.

@dishworks Our influencer-style recipe videos are simple, affordable and on-trend. Welcome to our food studio and test kitchen. Our food content team offers recipe development, food styling, food and recipe photography, lifestyle and product photography and recipe, appliance or cookware video production for any platform including Tiktok, Reels or Amazon. We make food photography and videography easy! #foodcontentstudio #foodcontent #recipedeveloper #recipedevelopment #foodstylist #foodcontentcreator #foodstyling #foodcontentcreators #foodphotographer #recipephotography ♬ In this shirt – ___lyrics.___

Luckily, Dish Works’ new Influencer-Style Recipe Video Package is truly the best of both worlds. 

This package is a multipack of videos for brands that feels like it was made by an influencer, but leaves full creative control to you. Our team will help you develop on-trend styles of content that are “real” and unpolished, but still perfectly match your brand and engage audiences. 

Yes, Dish Works is known for making high-end, polished, commercial-level content, but our secret power is that we’re your food content Swiss Army knife, and can also offer lo-fi content options like this!

From ASMR to aspirational recipe videos, the benefits of our Influencer-Style Recipe Video Package include:

  • Your brand retains full ownership of all assets in a format that audiences love.
  • Brands maintain authority on their own product/services.
  • Our streamlined studio process makes this an easy project with quick turn-around times (so you can jump right on viral social media food trends).
  • You can add on recipe development, or we can film existing recipes. 
  • You get access to our full studio of props, linens, backdrops and appliances.

Ready to go viral? Let’s get the conversation started.