Eateries on Instagram with Mouthwatering Content

We love keeping tabs on the latest food and drink photos being used for social media. There’s so much delicious content out there, and some brands are doing amazing work to connect with their fans. Our favorite place to have food envy is Instagram. No matter who you follow, a quick scroll is bound to turn up food-related content that is sure to get your mouth watering! As a food brand, it can be overwhelming trying to decide where to put your marketing efforts. In this digital age, content marketing is an absolute must for businesses. For many brands, it means reworking a budget that accounts for online content. If your business’ budget isn’t yet ready to splurge on site content, a great alternative is killer food and drink pics for your social media feeds.

This week’s Instagram roundup showcases eateries that are winning the internet with amazing photography, a clear vision for their brand and a photo library to get them there! Grab a fork and knife, and get ready to dig into delectable Instagram content!

Jack’s Wife Freda

The first thing that catches our eye about Jack’s Wife Freda’s content is just how bright every picture is. The photos are not only vivid, but well-balanced between food and people, making them nice and personal.

Russ & Daughters

Russ & Daughter’s Instagram account has a pleasing white-and-blue color palette that provides the perfect background for its food photos. The blue-and-white vibe is a great way to subtly incorporate its branding into its photostream.

Emily Pizza

So much pizza, so little time … that’s how we feel leaving the Emily Pizza Instagram feed! The overhead shots of its food offerings is hard to pass up and well-staged for a scrumptious effect.

Howlin’ Rays

The trend for brands with social media is to be personal, and Howlin’ Rays does an amazing job of being personal with its brand without compromising the professional quality of its images. People loving their food: that’s what Howlin’ Rays Instagram feed is all about!

Deep Ellum

Cocktails are hip, and that’s exactly what the Deep Ellum Instagram account portrays. With wonderful filters, professional shots and the recurring brick background, Deep Ellum instantly grabs the attention of anyone scrolling through Instagram.

Forequarter Restaurant

Tasteful shots, dreamy filters and a recurring splash of red combines for an aesthetically pleasing feed. We are loving the artistic take on photography that Forequarter Restaurant opts for, never compromising the integrity of its fantastic menu items.

Gracias Madre

The pale and pastel colors of Gracias Madre’s Instagram account are a beautiful backdrop for their brand. You’ll feel a calming effect the moment you click over to its feed. Its photo library is truly an artform!


Are you hungry now or what?! We hope you are now insta-spired to step up your brand’s Instagram game. Check back for more content examples in the near future! Do you see culinary brands that are really winning the Instagram game? Leave a comment and tell us about it so we can feature them in a future roundup!

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