Why Your Farm Market Should Utilize Pro Recipe Creation Services

People Want Recipes

As an evolved species, we not only consume food for nourishment; we long to savor it. It’s the very reason we save generations-old family cookbooks and scour the internet for new recipes. As consumers of food, we are constantly looking for inspiration on how to prepare it in new and exciting ways.


Pinterest boasts over 50 billion pins. But did you know that 5.7 billion of those pins are food-related? People clearly value recipes. They seek recipes. So why not be the one to provide them what they need?

As a farm or farm market, you are perfectly poised to meet your community’s desire to learn not only where their food comes from but how to use it well. You can provide not only the ingredients, but also the inspiration for cooking by sharing recipes that highlight your produce.

Show How to Use Your Crops

One of the best aspects of a farmers’ market is the introduction to new and unusual produce. In a supermarket-centric society, we’ve become familiar with the “staple” produce provided by our grocery stores. Even when they are out of season, most supermarkets have the “usual suspects” available: apples, nectarines, bananas, lettuce, berries, potatoes, broccoli.

cooking potatoes

But thanks to the unique crops from farmers, farmers’ markets often have a unique blend of produce to offer. Crops such as jerusalem artichokes, sunchokes and kohlrabi are less prevalent in grocery stores. Even the variety offered by farm markets can be exciting to market goers. Who knew that carrots and potatoes came in a rainbow of colors?

Some of these new crops may confound even the most well-versed of cooks. By providing recipes targeting the exact crops you are growing on the farm and selling at the farmers’ market, you are empowering your customers to cook new farm-fresh produce. With a recipe in hand, customers may consider buying a new item that they would have previously overlooked. Give market goers a reason to buy new things and keep coming back for more!

Be the Farm Food Expert

When it comes to growing vegetables, people look to farmers for knowledge. But farming encompasses so much more: sustainable practices, environmental issues, lifestyle, history, local agriculture and culinary inspiration. Creating and sharing your own farm-fresh recipes serves to validate you as a farm food expert.


By partnering with a professional recipe creation service, you simultaneously deepen your expertise and engage with and provide for the needs of your community.

Are you ready to take the recipe-creating plunge? Dish Works can help your food brand with culinary content and recipe development. Find out more: contact us!

Top photo, Alexandra Whitney Photography; remaining photos, Tami Seymour