Infographics: Smart AND Pretty

Humans are visual beings. Evidenced by the popularity of social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest, we are naturally drawn to engage with content that appeals to us visually. Research has found that quality graphics full of color pique a person’s interest to interact with a piece of content by 80%.


Images and videos: these are how your audience members want to connect with your brand. One particular type of visual content is gaining traction in the content marketing arena: infographics, an increasingly popular format that combines both written and visual content.

Here are 4 things you need to know about infographics and why you’ll want to use them.

They’re IN

Infographics have been growing in popularity recently, but next year could be even bigger. According to The Content Marketing Institute, infographics are one of the top trends to look for in 2017. As you consider your budget and create goals for next year, consider how you can incorporate infographics into your content marketing strategy.


They’re the Future

Visual content isn’t only hip, it’s here to stay. Custom content is the future of marketing, so it’s imperative to gain knowledge on how to utilize infographics for your business now. Start by identifying key pieces of information you’d like to dispense to your audience, and then partner with a company that can come alongside to work your written content into graphics. Make infographics part of your base strategy now so they become a mainstay of your marketing in the years to come.

They’re Effective

When written content is paired with the right visual content, consumers retain the information better and for longer. Infographics are the perfect blend of visual and written content, which helps them not only to stand out to your audience but also to stick with them long after they’ve been viewed. Businesses who used infographics saw traffic grow 12% faster, received more page visits and garnered more clicks than those who did not, and businesses have also found infographics to be one of the most effective ways to get content to mobile users.


They’re Shareable

Every business wants to be out in front. And when the content you create goes viral, it provides a nice boost to your marketing efforts. Infographics make good content because they are so shareable. One click on the “share” button with the right type of graphic can trigger a viral domino effect of more shares. Images are highly shared type of content, and infographics can be custom-tailored to be more popular to your specific industry and audience (and, thus, more inclined to be shared). A statistic not to be ignored: quality infographics have the potential to reach an audience of up to 15 million people.

Are you ready to get visual? We’re ready to help! Learn more about our design services, which include the creation of infographics for your business.