Weekly Pick: A Destination Blog with Rewarding Content

bucks county vineyardThere is something fantastic about visiting a bookstore. Upon entering the door, a customer is swept away on an adventure to find the next story to be lost in. The shelves are lined with a myriad of books: mysteries, graphic novels, gardening resources, romance, historical fiction and more. The goal of a bookstore is to have a book for everyone, which means their offerings must appeal to the many different tastes of consumers. Having a diverse selection of stories benefits both the bookstore and the consumer.

Content marketing, at its core, is storytelling.

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: brands need to be blogging! And by offering a variety of stories about your brand regularly on your blog, you open the opportunity to reach a wider range of your audience. People look to your blog for many reasons: research, humor, resources, ideas. We know it can be daunting to consider tackling so much content for your audience. So what if instead of just providing content for your readers, you invited them to be part of creating the content?

Each week we bring you top-notch brand blogs as an example of great content. This week, we are applauding a destination blog that has embraced a unique way to collaborate with its fans.

Give a warm welcome to Visit Bucks County.

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The folks at Visit Bucks County are the source for all things Bucks County. With a fantastic website, they cover every event, attraction and accommodation the area has to offer. Their blog, Bucks County #Moments, really caught our eye.

Bucks County DoylestownOn the #Moments blog, Bucks County integrates the very people engaging with their brand on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts and showcases their photos. They encourage people to tag them on their various networks and to use the hashtag #buckscountymoment. From there, they choose the best of the best and put them on the #Moments blog once a week.

Sometimes, the posts stand alone as a striking image, such as Marlene’s #buckscountymoment with a white barn and Matt’s #buckscountymoment at the Mercer Museum. Others, like Michelle C’s #buckscountymoment of the Thompson Neely House, come with a story. It’s a great way to show real images of the area while also rewarding their fans for engaging with them.

Visit Bucks County is a solid example of how social media can be an integral way not only to engage an audience, but also to provide and disseminate great content. We’re sold, Visit Bucks County! Keep up the great collaboration!

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