Beer Brands with the Hoppiest Content on Instagram

Some brands are just nailing their Instagram game. And while many have a particular social media strategy that aides in their success, it all comes back to one thing: amazing pictures. Photos that pop out of a newsfeed catch the eyes of fans and open an opportunity for further engagement. Planning ahead and working with a professional photographer to build a photo library puts brands ahead of the game.

We previously shared some of the coolest ice cream brands on Instagram (pun intended). This week, we’re focusing on craft beer, an industry where beautiful visual content is crucial. Here are a few beer brands that are hoppin’ with amazing professional photos on Instagram.

Allagash Brewing

Viewing Allagash Brewing’s Instagram feed is like getting a window into their personality. The colors they use are warm and friendly, while giving fans a taste of the lifestyle at the brewery.

Ballast Point Brewing

Using photos that are clear and bright gives the Ballast Point Brewing Instagram feed an almost effervescent effect. There is a specific style and a focused use of color that make Ballast’s photos truly stand out in a home feed!

Draft Mag

Draft Mag has a clearcut style, which is evident in the well-thought out professional photos. These photo shoots took time and planning, leading to a stunning Instagram feed.

Brewery Bhavana

One of the things we find eye-catching about the Brewery Bhavana Instagram feed is the use of simple subjects in the photos, many of which are offset by a plain or white background.

Ninkasi Brewing

Not only does Ninkasi feature its beer in its “natural” habitat,” but the company also makes great use of designed graphics to catch the eye of fans scrolling through the home feed. We love the bold spirit in sharing smaller “tiles” over the course of 9 posts to create a larger image!


Consider how you can use these examples to breathe new life into your brand’s Instagram content. Check back for more Insta-spiration in the weeks to come!

Do you see culinary brands that are really winning the Instagram game? Leave a comment and tell us about it so we can feature them in a future roundup!

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