Why Your Brand Needs a Quality Website

In 2016, there is a certain expectation of online connectedness. We are living in the digital age, and the address of a brick-and-mortar store is becoming less important than a company’s URL. People want to be able to type in an online address and instantly arrive at a brand’s site. They want to poke around, visit social media networks, read content and make purchases, all from the comfort of their home.

Mac, iphoneConsumers as we knew them even 10 years ago have changed. They head to the internet to research before they purchase. They read online reviews, blogs and social media to make an informed decision. This all happens before they head to a store (online or in real life) and take the plunge to buy something.

Which is all the more reason your website needs to be on point. As a business, you scrutinize and revise label designs, you work hard to showcase your brand at events and you strategize your marketing efforts to gain more customers. With over 40% of the world online, averaging over 3 billions users, your online presence needs to be an equally high priority. Here are a few reasons to give your website a facelift.

People Expect It

Where are people? Online. Constantly. In 2016, it is expected that 192 million consumers from the United States will shop online (a big increase from 2015). Thanks to mobile phones, laptops and tablets, people want brands at their fingertips—literally. Without a strong online presence, a business is missing a large pool of customers.

First Impressions Are Everything

You only get one chance to make a first impression. And online, this could not be more true. The moment a user clicks over to your website, he or she is given a first glance at your brand. Everything from your website’s colors and fonts to navigation and content is an expression of your company. A website that is not well done can do more harm to your brand than no website at all. A great question to ask is, “What does my website say about my brand?”

It’s Your Online Home Base

laptopA website is not just a static place to list your phone number, hours of operation and a few pictures of your storefront or products; rather, it can be a portal for information and content, purchases and other arms of your brand. Websites are a chance to be dynamic, giving users avenues to experience your brand: a blog, your social media outlets, your online store, etc. It is a way to inform, educate and engage your audience, creating the opportunity to create loyal fans and customers.

Traffic Begets Traffic

“Just Google it.” It’s our go-to phrase any time we want to gain information. Each month, there are over 12 billion web searches conducted. By optimizing your website’s ability to be found (also called SEO) and providing valuable information, you are opening the door for more traffic to be thrown your way. How? When Google finds websites that are relevant and important, they are placed higher in online searches. By getting people to your website with great content, an engaging look and integrated social media, you are telling Google that you are a valuable site, helping your brand’s website to rank higher on search engines. More traffic means better SEO, which, in turn, will attract more people to your site.

If you were visiting your website for the first time, how would it rate? What would you think? If you are ready to enhance the look and function of your website, learn more about how Dish Works web development services can help.

Photos: kaboompics