Why Breweries Should Be Using Video

Previously on our blog, we discussed the value of breweries using a blog as part of their content marketing strategy, and we continue to recommend the importance of professional photography — which is a must in this visually centric online age. But as the online marketing arena evolves, so must our strategies. Not only is written content and visual content necessary, but looking at the coming trends, video is a medium breweries need to embrace. Video adds a depth to the viewing experience that engages the viewer on a different level than photography.


Video Delivers

Video is not just a passing trend in content marketing; it’s the future of content marketing. A study recently conducted by The Aberdeen Group found that, in comparison to other forms of content, video outperformed as the preferred type of marketing. The customers and future customers of your brewery are at the content bar, and they’re ordering video! But is video on your draft list?

Bring Them to Your Bar

Photos show consumers your brewery. Video invites them to come in and look around. And while video is shown to increase conversions and sales, more importantly, it helps a brand build trust with its consumers. As your video content reaches new people, there is a greater opportunity to convert the visual brewery tour to a real life one.

Raise a Glass

Video expert Nathan Slabaugh observes that screens are part of life and video is increasingly how we receive and disseminate information as well as engage with others. If users are more likely to engage with video content, then it’s time breweries raise a glass and dive in.

A Brewery Doing Video Content Right


Tröegs Independent Brewing is a brewery that has embraced videography as a way to tell its story. The brand is amazingly visual, from artful beer labels to Instagram photography. It was a natural step for Tröegs to become a leader with video.

The brewery’s video strategy wisely focuses on quality over quantity. Tröegs produces videos that are interesting to its audience and also entertaining. From partnering with a Pittsburgh chef to chat over a shower beer to bringing viewers along on the journey to choose hops, the company is telling stories that draw people in, create community and help define the Tröegs brand. Tröegs provides a great example of how a brewery can really thrive on the video scene.


Are you ready to take the plunge with video? Learn more about partnering with a content creation agency, like Dish Works, that offers video services to start telling your brewery story through videography.

Top photo, Alexandra Whitney; bottom photo, Ed Williams