Share the Wealth: Why Restaurants Should Be Creating Recipe Content

chef chopping carrots

Content marketing is not only an important part of owning a business, it is becoming a necessityBlogging draws people to your brand online, boosts your SEO and helps build your reputation. And while traditional types of marketing, such as print, television and radio, are still available, the internet is where life—and business—is happening. Therefore, it makes sense to draw your customers (and potential customers) to your brand with food content and drink content.

As a restaurant, you are already in the business of recipe development. So why not take your recipe creation a step further and share the wealth with your fans? By crafting recipe content for your blog, you are offering readers an extra level of depth. Recipes are personal, and you give your audience a new way to connect and get “behind the scenes” by sharing them.

In this Pinterest-centric social media world, recipes are in high demand. Instead of allowing other outlets to capitalize on this growing trend, why not capture the traffic for yourself?

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Photo credit: Alexandra Whitney Photography