Why Snack Brands Are Missing Out by Not Creating Recipes

Grabbing a bag of chips at the grocery store is an almost mindless habit. Snack foods are a popular commodity in the United States, accounting for 40% of America’s packaged food market (which is a cool $370 billion). People are snacking, which is great for snack brands. But despite the consumer hunger, snack fans are missing out on the true versatility of their favorite snacks.

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Recipes Are In

Snacks a great nosh in and of themselves, but they also make amazing recipe ingredients. And if snacks are popular, recipes are even more so. Of the 50 billion pins on Pinterest, 5.7 billion of them are food-related. People are hungry for recipes and are seeking out new culinary inspiration. Snack brands have a natural “in” for recipes: ingredients.

Why not give the people what they are searching for by taking your snack brand to the next level by developing recipes?

Give Them New Ways to Enjoy Your Snacks

Your snack brand already has loyal fans who love your chocolate, your cheese crackers, your crunchy snack mix. Deepen your bond with fans by showing them just how versatile your snack products are. Snacks are fun, so celebrate it! Empower your fans to use their imaginations to enjoy their favorite snacks in new and exciting ways. Whether it’s Potato Chip Crusted Chicken, Chocolate-Infused Chili or even using snacks for fun kid-friendly science experiments, you have the power to excite your customers in the kitchen by providing them with recipes.

If people find they can use snacks in new and exciting ways beyond just snacking, they have more reason to keep buying.


Show Your Snacks-pertise

If consumers are unaware that snacks can be utilized for unique culinary creations, you as the snack brand are in a position to educate them. Developing your own recipes incorporating your products validates your depth of knowledge and expertise in the snack industry. It is also an opportunity to build trust with fans and strengthen the brand-consumer relationship.

Are you ready to take the recipe-creating plunge? Dish Works can help your food brand with culinary content and recipe development. Find out more: contact us!

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