Why Wineries Should Be Using Video

Now that your winery has ramped up its website and started blogging, it’s time to take steps to strengthen your content marketing strategy for greater success. As you begin to consider how you plan to approach marketing your winery next year, we’ve got a few reasons why video should be a top priority for telling your wine story.

Video can be an intimidating medium. It’s live and in motion, something that is harder to capture and capture well. But those businesses who are willing to step in front of the camera embrace the opportunity to capture their audiences in a new and exciting way.

Sips vs. Gulps

wineAll types of content are important to utilize, but when used in conjunction with one another, video will help your brand stand out. Video content is easily digestible in an age of content overload, a welcome change from newsfeeds that are saturated with written word or static photography. A moving video quite literally stands out in an online newsfeed or the landing page of a website. Movement catches the viewers’ eyes and invites them to consume more of the content you are offering.

The adage of a picture being worth a thousand words is amplified exponentially with video. Researchers with Forrester have found that a one-minute video is roughly worth 1.8 million words. Less is more: video allows you to offer sips that your audience can savor as opposed to gulps that will leave them feeling too full.

Virtual Winery Tours

Touring wineries is a continually popular trend, with the idea being that getting people to visit your winery will give them a chance to try your wine in person while connecting with your brand in a real and lasting way. Daily video views on social media sites like Facebook are on the rise with every passing day, exceeding more than 8 billion views per day. People want videos, so use that desire to put your winery in front of them.

Video is the equivalent of a virtual winery tour. Just like at the end of a real tour, your hope is that a visitor buys your wine. Researchers have found that consumers who watch videos are almost twice as likely to make a purchase. Video lets you expand your reach and audience to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to connect with you in real life. It’s an effective use of content!

A Winery Doing Video Right

Chaddsford Winery in Pennsylvania is leading the charge as a winery utilizing the video medium. The moment a visitor clicks over to the winery’s landing page, he or she is given the opportunity to experience the winery. Chaddsford is also using video to educate its audience on offerings including hosting private events. The focus is clear: to inform and to bring people virtually to the winery. This practice is helping Chaddsford stand out among the competition.


Partnering for Success

Some wineries may have the capability to produce great video content in-house. Others may find videos to be outside of their wheelhouse. To set yourself up for success, it’s important to know your capabilities and limitations. Your top priority is to do what you do best: make wine. Part of achieving that goal may be outsourcing your content marketing production to professionals.

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Photos: Alexandra Whitney